Scarlett Johansson Perfect Make-up

Scarlett Johansson represents modern Hollywood glamor. Her flawless complexion and beauty are accented with modern make-up textures and classic shades. Here's inspiration for the classic look.

What do you need?

- foundation with reflective particles
- concealer
- transparent powder
- eye shadow or eyebrow pencil
- orange and gold eye shadow
- black eyeliner
- mascara for eyelash extension
- creme blush (can be in powder)
- pink lipstick
- lip gloss

1. step: Scarlett is known for hers perfect porcelain complexion, so the skin must look transparent and seamless. Prepare the skin with a good moisturizer. Apply foundation with fingers or sponge and blend it very well. Then use a concealer to cover dark circles, redness, pimples and other irregularities. Fix with powder.

2. step: Perfectly groomed eyebrows nicely frame her face. This effect is achieved by using a more natural shade of eye shadow or eyebrow pencil.

3. step: Apply foundation on your eyelids and eye shadow over the entire lid and just below the lower lashes apply orange eye shadow, add a little gold.

4. step: For a fresh and youthful appearance to the cheeks lightly apply soft pink blush. For an even more natural and modern look, use a creamy blush.

5. step: To add a little drama, apply a black pencil along the edge of the upper and lower lashes and lightly soften the lines with a brush. In the inner part of the eye apply a white pencil. Apply mascara in two coats to get the sexy and more seductive look.

6. step: For a more natural look, apply pink lipstick with a brush and put little lip gloss in the middle of the lips.