Coupon Codes for Discount Cosmetics

I just found this on the web and I'm so excited! Here are coupon codes for one of my favorite cosmetic brands e.l.f. I absolutely love this makeup and especially their mineral makeup, so i can not believe i found coupon codes for that line. If you want to try their make up I highly recommend it. Hope you like it as much as I love it!

e.l.f.'s latest deal is a buy one get one 50% off offer on everything on site. This offer is valid through 12/20 with coupon code BCGDEAL50. Max discount is $100.

Half Off

50% off minerals when customers spend $20 or more. This offer has been extended through 12/31. Just enter coupon code BCGM50 at checkout.

$50 Gift Card

e.l.f. cosmetics is offering a $50 gift card with any order of $25 and up. This offer has been extended through 12/20. Use coupon code BCGRDC.

More Discount Jewelry

I'm a big fan of ShopTheLook jewelery and i always buy my stuff on their website, so i just have to put some more promotions that they offer. I just can't resist them! So here is a link to their latest discount offers. Enjoy in your shopping!

Top 5 Red Nail Polish

I love red nail polish so I'll share with you a list of my favorite nail polishes. I have a lot of red nail polish, but I'm still constantly buying them because I believe that the red nails are a classic that all trendsetters will sometimes wear. No other color is so sexy and feminine as red!

Sometimes people think that brighter shades of red looks better on blonds, and darker shades are best on brunettes and women with darker hair. I would have to agree with this because I know that i look better with bright red lacquer, but I haven't gave up on darker shades, so you don't have to pay too much attention on this! Wear what you like!

This is my top 5 red nail polish:

Dior Vernis 752 Jamaican Pepper

I fell in love at first sight in this nail polish and is my favorite one. Beautiful medium-bright red hue, which contains a tiny shimmer. No orange tones. This polish is very long-wearing, and the texture is wonderful, and therefor is extremely easy to apply. His only downside is the price that is around $22.

2. OPI Vodka & Caviar

Classic red with which you will not go unnoticed! It has additives orange tones. Texture and lasting are very good, and you don't need as the nail polish itself gives a very high glass shine. Price is around $6.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps China Glaze Ruby Pumps

There is nothing like this nail polish! Red glitter jelly base will simply leave you breathless! The only problem will be harder removal because of the sequin, but believe me, you will not regret it because this is wonderful polish. Picture can not show how wonderful this polish sparkle. The price is around $4.

4. Essie Really Red

This shade is very similar to OPI Vodka & Caviar nail polish, but it has jelly texture so you'll want to eat your nails! Essie varnishes are of high quality, durability is excellent and easy to apply. Price is $1.5.

5. Rimmel Hot Gossip

I bought this nail polish at saleswomen suggestion, but I have intended to buy more expesive nail polish. She told me that I will be very satisfied with this polish, and the price is only $6. And was right! Nail polish is beautiful, perfect texture, and the biggest surprise is the brush that I think is the best on the market! It is thin and wide with a rounded end so it perfectly fits to nails shape, and you won't make a mess even if you are in a hurry.

That was my top 5 list of favorite red nail polish, and now tell me which are your top 5?

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Discount Update - Black Friday Online Deals and Cyber Monday Steals

Here is another update of the newest discount codes that are related to black Friday and cyber Monday sales. Be sure to check out these deals and always keep a look out for more great deals that will be coming. Enjoy in your Black Friday Online Deals

Black Friday Online Deal!

Buy 1 get 1 50% off plus free shipping on orders of $30! Code BCGBOGO50 11/25-11/27
50% off plus free shipping on orders over $30! No code required!

Cyber Monday Online Deal!
55% off sitewide with $25 purchase! Use code BCG55 11/28 - 11/30

Black Friday Deal!
Take 60% off with code STLBF10
- ENDS 11/26/2010

Cyber Monday Deal!
60% Off with code STLCM10
- ENDS 11/29/2010


$5 off $30 or more at when you pay with Google Checkout! Ends 12/16/10 4pm PST. Shop Now>


Cyber Monday Only! 32% OFF Entire Site. Use Coupon Code: janecyber32.


Free Shipping on all orders of $50 or more! Use code blackfriday at checkout. Runs 11/26-11/28.

10% off any purchase! Use code holiday at checkout. Expires November 30.

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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide - e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette

I know that's probably too early for Christmas gifts, but last Friday arrived my first Christmas present I have decided to give to my friend. The new e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette.


e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette –

All-you’ll-ever-need professional eyeshadow assortments. Create a dark and smoky eye, a fresh and bright aura, or a totally fun and funky look with endless color options and textures to select from.

Each palette includes:

  • 100 Eyeshadow colors
  • Mirror
  • 2 Double sided eyeshadow applicators for easy on the go touch-ups.

  • Palette looks just fine. As a little notebook with beautiful colors. Inside is a small mirror and two single applicator that probably no one uses. Since nowhere in it are not specified dimensions, I measured that 23.5 x 19 cm. The price of this palette was $20 but now you can buy it for only $10 so you save 50% which is a great bargain. It can serve as an excellent gift for a friend or you can buy it as a gift for yourself. Just CLICK HERE if you like to buy this great gift.

    Style Icons Part 1 - The Past

    The most famous style icon, Coco Chanel said: ˝ Fashion passes, style remains ˝ and that well-known quote, inspiration me for this article. Over the past few decades we have seen a handful of fashion icons that have attracted attention with their clothing or distinctive characters.
    These days we have fashion icons everywhere, and to me the most interesting are theones from the past and whose creations come to life today, especially these three fashion icons.

    Edie Sedgwick

    In 1960-ies Chuck Wein helped Edie Sedgwick to become famous it girl of the New York underground scene. After she met Andy Warhol at a party, he was fascinated by her appearance and they become good friends. Edie appeared in his film Vynil, and then Warhol offered her roles in films Poor Little Rich Girl, Kitchen, Beauty No.2 ... and Edie was called Factory Girl. After she met Warhol she cut her hair and her pretty face even more came to the fore. Edie loved big earrings, which reached her shoulder and that was her trademark. Each combination she would complement with fur jacket and with large sunglasses. She wore a thick line and big lashes on her eyes. Edie was the first unisex model type, and she was hired by Betsy Johnson. Everyone sad that Edie had only three love in her life, and that was Andy Warhol,
    Bob Dylan and the drugs that killed her 1971, when the fashion icon was only 28 years.

    Audrey Hepburn

    Audrey Hepburn was known for many things: an extremely talented actress, a great humanitarian and a true fashion icon whose impeccable style is a great inspiration for many designers. When he first appeared on the scene she was noticeably different from other girls in the world of fashion and acting, but her charm and beautiful, interesting face brought her to the top of Hollywood where she won the Oscar for the film Roman Holiday. Her unmistakable style is remembered by A cut dresses, tight black pants length 7 / 8 and timeless black ballet shoes that Audrey loved. In the first scenes of the film Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey stands in front of Tiffany's window in a black dress with a series of pearl necklaces around her neck. It is precisely that black dress, designed by Audrey's friend Hubert de Givenchy, become a mandatory piece of clothes in the closets of women around the world. Besides fashion combinations Audrey had a great personality and broad smile that she always wore on her face. Audrey's make up was very simple and classic, just a line on the upper eyelid and a large lashes that Audrey always wore. Audrey devoted to humanitarian work after her great acting career,
    and she left us in 1993 when she lost her battle with colon cancer.

    Marilyn Monroe

    Many people, when we mention Marilyn Monroe, remember the term sex bomb, her curves and red lips, but Marilyn was much more than that. She was born as Norma Jean Mortenson, and spent her childhood moving from one foster family to another and so constantly, until she married James Dougherty and broke a series of moving. A few years after she married him, Norma Jean was spotted by a fashion agent who offered her a job and shortly after that she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and fashion icon was created. Marilyn was a really talented actress who is her film career made many movies that were extremely successful. For the film Some Like It Hot, Marilyn won a Golden Globe, and this film was named one of the best films ever made. In the fashion world she become famous for her tight dresses that emphasized her curves and white dress that was in the movie The Seven Year Itch. She is also famous for lips covered with red lipstick that were her trademark and classic pinup make up. Even though many people felt she was stereotyped blond, Marilyn wasn't that, which proves her diary which was found after her death in 1962 year, which was a consequence
    of poisoning by tablets Marilyn took to cover the depression.

    What are your favorite fashion icons? Do they inspire you?

    The Perfect Home Manicure

    Manicured nails give the impression of a person who cares for those tiny details of her appearance, but that doesn't mean that you have to regularly visit beauty salon to get what you want. All this you can do it yourself at home, with your own manicure kit that you can buy at any drug store, which is always a good investment.

    For decades, the manicure was working on a fairly simple way: cut off the excess skin, nails and smeared with paint, but in the last few years since the cosmetic industry evolved manicures can also be used in a different way. There are dozens of products for hand care and nails to make this process easier and give better results.

    If you want to do your own manicure, you have to understand a few basic steps. First, find a place that has a lot of light, the window or under lights in order to have the right lighting. Then follow these few steps which will result in a perfectly manicured nails.

    Preparation is the key

    Thoroughly wash your hands in warm water using soap, then dry them. If you have previously had some nail polish on your nails, remove it with nail polish remover, which should, if possible, be oil-based because it is less aggressive for the nails and cuticles around them.

    Apply the liquid to remove the cuticle and during his tenure form your nails but keep in mind the natural shape of the nail. After that, push back the cuticle using a wooden or metal cuticle pusher, which will apart the skin around the nail. This is a much better option as opposed to cutting the cuticle, which with time become harder and harder to remove.

    In the bowl with warm water, add a slice of lemon or grapefruit juice and soak the nails in it and hold them for several minutes. Fruits in warm water will cleanse the lower part of the nail and bleach them naturally. The hands then dry with a towel and moisturize them with a thin layer of mask for hands.

    Rest for the tired hands

    Wrap hands in gloves or a towel that you have previously heated on the radiator and rest for about five minutes. This is necessary in order to mask that you previous put on, deeply penetrates your skin and is thoroughly fed. Clean the mask with a sponge or simply rinse under running hot water. Don't forget to thoroughly dry hands and nails after every wash with a towel to prevent drying of your skin.

    Polish your nails but do it gentle and slow just over the surface of the nail, and the goal is only to remove fat from the surface. Skip this step if you have naturally dry nails that "blooms". Massage your hands and nails with moisturizer for hands, and if you have extremely dry hands use more oily cream. With circular motion massage each part of the hands, including nails.

    Nail polish color as a mark of your personality

    Before you polish thoroughly clean each nail with acetone because after you put cream nails are slippery and you won't be able to apply nail polish. It is desirable to apply base before applying the lacquer which will take care of that color on your nails to be as prolonged.

    Once the base is dry, polish your nail with nail polisher you usually, but have in mind that with bright colors, like red, blue or purple, you must apply two coats.

    Wait a few minutes for the nail polish to dry, then apply a cuticle oil and rub it well on the cuticle and the nails. The oil will feed them and prevent damage, and the skin around the nails will make soft and smooth.

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    Holiday Gift Guide - Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout

    Here is one more idea for your holiday gift that you can buy for your friend or family. I have this set and i must say i can get enough of it. Try it for yourself.



    This wardrobe of Smashbox
    award-winning Lip Enhancing Glosses—including exclusive holiday shades—is a must for the season’s endless festivities. Includes 2 full-size glosses!

    • Candid (full size)
    • Luster (full size)
    • Radiant (medium size)
    • Baby Pout (medium size)
    • Ecstasy (medium size)
    • Divine (medium size)

    I will get this every year. There was only 1 color in this set of 6 that I really wouldn't use. But I still got 5 fabulous colors for $29 - which is less than $6 per gloss. That's outstanding. Not to mention, that it's a superior lip gloss in itself. These gift sets are the best! You can buy yours HERE.

    Holiday Gift Guide - Smashbox Eye Wish Palette

    As the holidays are near, you might be freaking out about what to give. Throughout November and December, Beauty Junkie Corner will be featuring a Holiday Gift Guide.

    If you're not quite sure how to please the person on your list, why not go for a makeup palette?



    A gorgeous gold keepsake box holds everything you’ll need for limitless eye looks, from a lid primer to start every application perfectly, to a mini booklet with easy instructions for creating 10 festive looks.

    • 12 shadows
    • 4 cream liners
    • Lash DNA Mascara
    • Photo Finish Lid Primer (mini size)
    • Look Book with 10 eye looks

    The box is super cute, and I love the instructions. It's really tempting to just sit down and try out all the different looks. I love that it came with a miniature eyelid primer, but I wish it had come with its own applicators. Overall, I would recommend this product, because it is such a great price for so many different looks. You really only need this palette to get a look you can go to work in and go out at night in.

    This is a ridiculous deal!
    Before it was 234$ and now you can get it only for $45!! You can buy it RIGHT HERE. I have been using it everyday since I bought it! It is a great gift idea for a makeup lover or someone who is just starting to wear makeup.

    Fall Trends - Part Two

    You enjoy the fall? You like trends? You liked the first article?
    If so, take a look at part 2 and have fun.

    The first trend
    that has taken a very important role in the fall trends this year is the 70's. I believe that you are familiar with them. 70's women sophistication, their sex appeal, a different length skirts, trapeze pants, wide, airy, silk shirts, scarves and big haircuts for me is a great inspiration. You can not dislike the 70-e! INSPIRATION: Studio 54, and Bianca Jagger.

    Another trend is lace. Since it is a long time trend, and that trend also continued to be in the fall, it's not bad to mention. One of the things that fascinates me with this trend is lace on the nails and the lovely dresses and skirts with lace. Given that in this trend often appears excessive, we should mention that - less is more! Inspiration: Olivia Palermo.

    Animal prints are my little obsession. Whether you wear them on tights, scarves, bags, shoes or nails, you will look great. Have courage to try this trend and turn all attention on yourself! INSPIRATION: My cat Mimi.
    Fur. Since I am a big fan of animals and fierce fighter for their rights, I accept only the artificial fur. Real fur isn't a trend for me, that is a big minus. Inspiration: Sienna Miller.
    And as the lastt trend, colors! Camel, purple, metallic, olive and red are the colors this fall. Enjoy them!
    This would be the end of fall trends. Have fun with them! But remember, the most important thing is that you wear what you feel comfortable in! Enjoy the fall, dance in the rain and eat chestnuts. Winter is already on the way ...

    And finally - do you wear any of these trends? What is your favorite? Do you approve real fur or you are against killing animals for this purpose? Share your thoughts with us!