Heidi Klum Updo Hairstyles

Checkout this double take of supermodel Heidi Klum, donning two different updo hairstyles, one very classy and the other, very casual.

The first hairstyle is a tightly pulled "straight out of bed" messy bun, however Heidi can get away with such a style, due to her amazing beauty.

The second hairstyle is something very similar to the first one, but with more time, effort, and product added to it.

Hayden Panettiere Long Wavy Blonde

Hayden Panettiere is the adorable young up and coming actress, perhaps best known for her role as Claire Bennet on the television show, Heroes.

Here we have a couple of beautiful blonde hairstyles of Hayden Panettiere, long with the perfect touch of wavy/curly, giving her a cute Goldilocks appearance.

She may be a natural brunette, but she was born for blonde.

Georgie Thompson Blonde Hairstyles

Georgie Thompson is the sassy English broadcast journalist and television presenter for Sky Sports television.

These are a couple of Georgie's favorite blonde hairstyles, the ultra straight with dark roots, and the prepared "made for TV" blonde with bounce hairstyle.

Gemma Bissix Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Gemma Bissix is a lovely young English actress, who has been in show business since the age 9, and is best known for her role on the soap operas, EastEnders and Hollyoaks.

Checkout these photos of Gemma, while sporting a long sleek straight blonde hairstyle with dark intended roots.

Gemma Atkinson Short Blonde Hair

Striking beautiful English actress, and lingerie model, Gemma Atkinson has an interesting choice of hairstyle.

Its quite short, parted slightly to the right with minimal fringe and dyed blonde.

Very similar to the pixie hairstyle of Elisha Cuthbert, just a bit longer.

Whatever you wanna call, it looks great on her.

Gemma Arterton Red Hair Color

Checkout these pretty photos of the enchanting English actress, Gemma Arterton.

See the sassy and classy natural brunette go with a bright fluorescent red hair color.

Its not often we see this color of red sported by the ladies of Hollywood, however i kinda like it.

Freida Pinto Straight Black Hairstyle

Freida Pinto is a wonderful captivating Indian actress and model, best known for her breakout role in the film, Slumdog Millionaire.

Freida Pinto sporting a beautiful straight black, rather simple hairstyle with an offset part of the hair.

True beauty!

Frankie Sandford Short Hair

Frankie Sandford is a lovely and extremely photogenic young British singer and member of the band The Saturdays.

Here we have a picture of Frankie Sandford, sporting a cute short micro bob hairstyle with heavy and sweeping side bangs.

A beautiful trendy hairstyle, if i do say so myself.

Evangeline Lilly Long Curly Locks

Here we have the star of the television show "Lost" Evangeline Lilly, donning two similar long hairstyles with curly ends and great fullness.

Evangeline Lilly has a great head of hair, and with a little glamorizing she looks amazing.

Eva Mendes Blonde Highlights

Perhaps one Eva Mendes' favorite hairstyles, is blonde highlights streaking though her gorgeous dark natural brunette hair.

Here we see two variations of a lovely hairstyle, the casual messy style and the more elegantly styled design, both of which look amazing on ms. Eva Mendes.

Eva Longoria Updo Hairstyle

Eva Longoria can do no wrong, when it comes to looking fabulous and choosing the best hairstyle for those big events.

Checkout this stunningly beautiful updo hairstyle, which she wore while gracing the red carpet this year.

Emma Watson Sandy Blonde Hair

Checkout these cute pictures of the lovely young British actress, Emma Watson, sporting her favorite highlighted sandy blonde hairstyle.

Very casual style, and she looks fantastic.

Emily Blunt Pretty Hairstyle

Here we have the lovely British born actress turned Hollywood star Emily Blunt, sporting a beautiful yet casual brunette hairstyle while gracing the red carpet.

Pretty hairstyle to complement a stunning dress. Love it!

Ellen Page Trendy Bangs Hairstyle

Here we have the cute young up and coming Canadian born actress, Ellen Page.

Ellen seems to be a very down to earth girl, but she has proven that she can really spice it up and match wits with even the most fashionable Hollywood starlets, as we see her with this trendy medium length fringe hairstyle and lovely polka dot dress.

trend japan hair style 2009

trend japan hair style 2009trend japan hair style 2009

Elizabeth Banks Medium Length Curly Hairstyle

Feast your eyes on this lovely elegant, medium length curly hairstyle worn by celebrity actress Elizabeth Banks.

Perhaps best known for her roles in the film, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and the Spider-Man films.

This hairstyle choice screams, class!