Freshly Long Thick Hairstyles with Straight and Curls Hair for Women

ADGRPID:|SERVTYPE: ADGRPID:|SERVTYPE: Indeed, thick haircut has always identified with health. However, even if your crown feels thin, maybe it’s the genes inherited from parents. However, if the previous is not like that & now thin, then you have to do troubleshooting &how to thicken hair style. Actually the key to thicken existing hair style on the food we eat. If indeed what we eat

Trendy Long Haircut

Have you ever heard of a hair style product that is so popular that it becomes known for a style all its own? The famous styles of Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton,Elise Strada, to name a few, all have one thing in common, the amazing Sedu Flat Iron. The 20s hairstyle is perhaps 2 of the most challenging, curious, exploratory times of both a man & woman’s life. Hair often reflects that. Hair

Bob Layered Haircut

Beauty Medium Bob Layered Haircut with Hair Gold Color for Women from Kellie Pickler Trendy Medium Bob Layered Hairstyle with Hair Blonde Color for Women from Kellie Pickler at The NY Fashion Beautiful Medium Bob Layered Hairstyle with Hair Gold Color for Women from Kellie Pickler at The NY Fashion Modern Bob Layered Haircut with Hair Gold Color for Women from Kellie Pickler at MBFW

Japanese Bob Haircuts 2011

Japanese Bob Haircuts 2011

Nelly Hairstyles

Nelly talks to Rap-Up TV about his return to the music scene with his latest album 5.0 and what he thinks of people calling it a “comeback” after the success of “Just a Dream.” “I understand why people do call it that because when you’re not on the charts and you’re not visual with current music that is basically relevant at the time, you’re kinda missing out,” says the St. Louis rapper. “So

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint: The Harry Potter kiss that missed

This summer Harry Potter fans cheered, whistled and maybe even toasted each other with smuggled-in butterbeer when Hermione and Ron finally kissed in The Deathly Hallows Part 2.But what happened on set when Emma Watson at long last put her mouth on Rupert Grint's mouth? That behind-the-scenes moment gets captured in a just-released Harry Potter featurette. (It's posted below -- and you'll

Emily Osment On Her Her ‘Epic Journey’ On ‘Hannah Montana’ & Her Sibling Bond With Brother Haley

Emily Osment discusses growing up with her older brother, actor Haley Joel Osment. Plus, Emily looks back fondly over her years working on “Hannah Montana,” but does she still keep in touch with Miley Cyrus and the rest of the cast?

Jessica Alba's Flower Girl

Mom-of-two Jessica Alba stopped by a local Starbucks in Los Angeles on Monday (October 3) with her sweet 3-year-old daughter Honor. The mother-daughter duo picked up drinks and a flower before heading to Honor's preschool.The Fantastic Four actress - who welcomed her second daughter Haven Garner six weeks ago - said she's not feeling any pressure to lose the baby weight."I try not to indulge

Vanessa Hudgens is sartorially challenged in mixed up style

On Monday she stepped out in a pair of tiny denim shorts but today Vanessa Hudgens took her style over to the wild side.The actress,22, went shopping with her little sister Stella and opted for a pair of animal print shots a white vest and a khaki oversized shirt and a pair of wooden heels.Vanessa's outfit made for an interesting ensemble and a stark departure from her usual boho chic

REVIEW: Shark Night 3D (15)

Snakes and Piranhas have taken all the headlines recently when it comes to exploitation creature features, so Hollywood decided to bring it back to where it all began, with sharks… in 3D! But will ‘Shark Night 3D’ make a big splash?Sara (Sara Paxton) and a group of six college friends head to her house on an island in Louisiana for a holiday filled with sun, sea and… sharks! Their peaceful

Mila Kunis walks the fine line between friendship and romance

There are some lines you just never cross.In the new movie “Friends with Benefits,” Mila Kunis (“Black Swan”) and Justin Timberlake (“The Social Network”) try to negotiate the complicated avenues when two friends become involved. Kunis plays Jamie, a headhunter in a leading job agency that befriends one of her assets, Timberlake’s character, Dylan—a hotshot young art director for an LA-based

Hot New 'True Blood' Posters Have Us Really Freakin' Jealous Of Anna Paquin

Full disclosure here: I'm as rabid a "True Blood" fan as any, but when it comes to all the preview teasers and TV spots, I tend to avoid them like the plague. Not because I'm not excited to see everything, of course, but because a) sometimes they hint at things to come that I don't want to see yet and b) they make the wait for the season premiere that much more difficult!Anyway, that point

Ciara Steps Out In Stars And Stripes

Ciara stepped out in New York City showing off her patriotic pride by wearing Stars and Stripes as she left her hotel on September 7.ciara in stars and stripes25-year-old American singer-songwriter and model Ciara wore American flag as jacket showing off her exquisite style statement.R&B singer Ciara opted for a red, white and blue look by pairing simple white t-shirt with blue jeans and

Meet Rihanna's cousin who hopes to follow the Rated R singer up the pop charts

A cousin of pop queen Rihanna has vowed to follow in the singer's footsteps.Wynta Nuvo is currently making her first album and plans to consult with the Rated R singer on how to become a star.The 21-year-old, who has just returned from a trip to Barbados where she was visiting family - including Rihanna's father Ronald Fenty, said: 'I've just finished making Rihanna a mix-tape of seven songs

'The Voice' Christina Aguilera Loves Classic Gaming

The Voice judge Christina Aguilera loves classic video games. It is incredibly interesting to picture her enjoying this type of entertainment. The Genie in a Bottle singer revealed her passion to Jimmy Kimmel last week.On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Christina Aguilera said, "I'm a huge gamer. Board games. Arcade games. I'm a huge game nerd. I have a mini-arcade in my house." Did you ever suspect

From Angelina Jolie to Cheryl Cole: Who's the Sexiest Star at Cannes?

Angelina! Penelope! Jude!The world's biggest stars have been gathering this week for the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival in France, showing off their gowns, diamonds, and cleavage galore.And while Angelina Jolie looked stunning as always (if a bit goth) at the premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie "The Tree of Life" on Monday, she was shown up in the sexy department by new "X Factor" judge

Megan Fox Flaunts Curves in Tight Red Dress

Megan Fox showed off her newfound, curvier figure at the Friends with Kids premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday. The 25-year-old stunned in a body-hugging red dress paired with super-sexy leopard heels.In the past, Brian Austin Green's wife has spoken about her struggle to gain weight. So how did Fox finally pack on a few healthy pounds? She ditched Veganism!"For a year and a half

Carmen Electric

She may be celebrating her 40th birthday next year, but Carmen Electra looks a far cry from middle age.The former Baywatch star looked stunning in a snakeskin style mini dress and towering Christian Louboutin high heels as she arrived at a Las Vegas event pool party today.The 39-year-old model displayed a deep bronze tan as she posed on the red carpet.She then put on a pair of oversized

Two judges are Fallin' for Haley Reinhart's Alicia Keys cover

Haley Reinhart struts her stuff as she sings Alicia Keys' Fallin'. There's a smoky, sultry quality that doesn't always work with her material, but it fits here. She does several impressive runs, too. Not sure I'm all into that lip-curl thing she does, but I'll go along with it on this tune."It doesn't do anything for you," Randy says. He thinks that husky thing they loved has gone and been

D.C. Mayor Declares September 16 ‘Hayden Panettiere Day’

If you live in Washington D.C., apparently you can now write “Hayden Panettiere Day” under September 16 on your calendar.D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray held a ceremony on Friday honoring the actress/activist for her support of the cause to make Washington D.C. a state. According to the Huffington Post, she has appeared in a video for the D.C. Statehood Fund along with Shadow Senator Paul Strauss,

Miley Cyrus has no complaints

Miley Cyrus has endured criticisms for her changing look and professional image since Hannah Montana came to an end, but despite the media, she admits she is happy in her personal life."Everything's great, I'm happy and there's nothing I can complain about,” she said in a new interview. “I'm performing and doing what I love and I have awesome people in my life, so nothing can really go wrong

Salma Hayek Covers 'Allure' September Issue

Salma Hayek, known for her mind-blowing body, covers Allure's September issue to talk about her most talked-about asset."My boobs, they're not bad, by the way. I'm not complaining about them."The actress, who has garnered critical acclaim playing the decidedly less-sexy role of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, explained that in the beginning of her career, she was pigeonholed by her figure. She felt

Monica Bellucci finds anti-fashion nudity 'beautiful'

Sydney, Sept 26 (ANI): Monica Bellucci, who went nude in her film 'That Summer' just a month after she had given birth to her second child, has revealed that she finds nudity 'beautiful' as it is anti-fashion."Actually, I think it's beautiful because it's anti-fashion, this nudity," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying."'It's very round, it's as if women are scared today of this

Beyoncé Pops Up at ‘Watch the Throne’ Store

The king was joined by his queen at the opening of the Watch the Throne pop-up store on Friday night. Beyoncé made a royal entrance while visiting Jay-Z and Kanye West’s brand new spot at Openhouse Gallery in SoHo (201 Mulberry St.).Fans camped outside for a glimpse of the pop superstar, who waited for security to clear the area before exiting her vehicle. Cameras flashed and gasps were