Jessica Biel Brunette With Blonde Highlights

When i think of the beautiful film actress, Jessica Biel, i think of a very down to earth girl with a laid back "tom boyish" quality.

But Jessica Biel sure does know how to spice it up and add flavor to her appeal, when the occasion calls for it.

Just checkout this dazzling elegant brunette hairstyle with a hint of blonde highlights, nice layers and wavy bangs.

Jessica Alba Blonde Hair

Jessica Alba can do no wrong when it comes to looking beautiful, she has successful sported just about every hairstyle and color and walked away, gorgeous as ever.

Just checkout these photos of Jessica Alba, while she was going through her blonde hair stage, for the movie Fantastic Four.

I personally prefer her natural hair color, but this blonde hairstyle looks pretty amazing as well.

Jennifer Metcalfe Gorgeous Hair

Jennifer Metcalfe is an dashing young English actress and model, best known for her roll on the soap opera, Hollyoaks.

As we can see here in these pictures, Jennifer has stunningly beautiful brunette hair, with such fullness and great bounce that screams comb me!

No extensions for this woman, shes all natural!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Long Brown Hair

Boy do i love the hair of celebrity actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, its simply amazing, with great texture and plenty of bounce to give it that superstar appeal which all the starlets covet so much.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also seems to really appreciate her natural dark brown hair color, unlike so many other celebs who insist on bleaching and dying their hair blonde...

Jennifer Garner Long Dark Auburn Hair

Now this is a really great look for celebrity actress, turned stay at home mom, Jennifer Garner.

I believe Jennifer Garner has naturally brown hair, so this dark reddish auburn color is quite a different look for her, it kinda gives her a naughty temptress appeal of sorts.

And its styled just right, long and flowing with an interesting crown design on top.

Jennifer Aniston Light Brown Hair

Jennifer Aniston has had more variations of this one hairstyle, than the entire celebrity pool.

Almost always very long and straight with a sharp look, often mixing blonde highlights and then later dying them over with light brown.

This style should be called the "Aniston", and other celebrities should pay royalties to wear it.

Isabel Lucas Light Brunette Hair

Great snapshots of up and coming Hollywood actress Isabel Lucas, while donning a her natural brunette hair color, accompanied by a dash of blonde highlights.

This is a somewhat messy hairstyle, whether or not its a fashion statement of just a bad hair day, I'm not sure.

Holly Valance Blonde Highlights

Here we have two drastically different hairstyles seen worn by actress/model Holly Valance, both of which are showcasing her lovely streaky blonde highlights.

Which hairstyle is your favorite?

Long straight with bangs or medium wavy with bounce?

Hilary Duff Long Blonde Hair

Here we have two lovely photos of pop singer and Hollywood actress, Hilary Duff, donning a couple of cute long blonde hairstyles.

This naturally dirty blonde girl, seems to really favor the bleach blonde look appose to her natural color.

And why not, she looks amazing!