Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow

This is eyeshadow that contains 4 shades. It has special formula, long-lasting (up to 12h), does not smudge or accumulates in the folds. Revlon colorstay eyeshadow is enriched with silk micro pigments. It is available in 13 color combinations.

What I liked:
- long-lasting
- nice color combinations
- pigmented shades
- easy to blend

What I didn't like:
- none

12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad

I love these shades, certainly in my top 5! I have two of these pallets (gray and brown shades) and am very satisfy. Eye shadows were purchased over a year ago, I use them every day, and they still look like new. Before I always had a problem with coming up with eye shadow on the crease. Revlon colorstay eyeshadows are really long-lasting, can stay on a hole day and evening. Because of this I would definitely recommend this for everyone. Try it.

PRICE: $6,49 at ULTA Beauty


I Want Absolutely Perfect Eyebrows

Sleek and perfect shaped eyebrows can help you save time in the morning for make-up, they round up and open your face. Eyebrows may seem of no importance at first glance, but when you pay attention to details, you realize that the shape of your eyebrows can significantly affect the overall appearance.

The ideal eyebrow shape is different, of course, from one person to another, because people have different facial features. Nurture and maintain the natural shape of your eyebrows. The most perfect eyebrows are just the ones you have. Women often make mistakes with the idea that it is absolutely necessary to redraw the shape of eyebrows, when in fact the main goal to find their natural lines and improve them.

How to tweeze your eyebrows

With white pencil, draw on your eyebrows the shape you want to have, pluck only what is outside those contours that are drawn. Always pluck in the direction of the eyebrows. The technique used for eyebrow shaping is very simple. Take a pencil and put it straight from the nose to the eyebrows, this is where eyebrows should star.

Then, to set an external point, put the pen from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of eye. Perfect eyebrows should stand between these two limits. Finally, you should find the peak arc setting pen in front of the iris.

Shaping and small tricks

Now we need to determine which type is suitable for you. For example, curved eyebrows tend to "sweeten" the face. If you leave them too long and falling, you will look sad and old. For the eyes that are set close, you should start plucking a little further than the inner lines.

If your eyes are set wide apart, don't pluck interior angles of the eyebrows, but fill them and expand with a small pencil or eye shadow. If the shape of your eyebrows is too long, it can be corrected with a tweezer. If they are short, you can extend with the pencil, then go over them with a brush for a natural look.

If you have a high forehead you can make a higher arch, forehead will appear smaller. With the small forehead do a smaller arc. If you have a small face with delicate features, thick eyebrows certainly won't fit. Also, if you have low eyebrows, close to your eyes, the space between the eyebrows and upper eyelids is small, so that brows should be thinner and more rounded.

Eyebrow shades

Eyebrow color should be a shade or two lighter or darker than your hair. If you are a brunette, eyebrows should be slightly brighter, if you're blond slightly darker. Once you have shaped your eyebrows, the only thing you have to do is maintain perfect shape with plucking new hair.

Strategy For The Perfect Hair

It feels so good when someone sends a compliment to your healthy, shiny and (ah, so) sexy hair! But, how to find the right strategy for the perfect care and styling? You have so many dilemmas. We asked the professionals to help us solve the twenty most common hair concerns ...

1. How often should I wash my hair?
If necessary, it should be done daily. Of course, use a mild shampoo. You should always keep in mind several important things:
- Don't apply too much shampoo.
- Before rubbing shampoo on your hair, dilute it with water.
- If your hair is very damaged or dry, apply shampoo only on the roots, not on the whole hair.
- Finally, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

2. Does diet affect on the hair?
Unfortunately, with the diet you can't make the hair to look like a luxuriant mane, but can enhance its radiance and glow. Beans, lentils and beef have a positive effect, because they are rich in iron which prevent its decline. Similar effects have nuts, rice and cereal whole grains (rich in copper, zinc, biotin and unsaturated fatty acids).

3. Does conditioner binds your hair?
No, at least not when the hair requires special care. Balm recovers its jagged pieces and makes it easier to shape. However, it should be applied only to defective parts, for example, the strands or parts that have highlights. However, if you wish to give your hair extra care, use a hair mask. In that case don't apply too much and gently rinse off. When choosing conditioner, be careful - not all have the same amount of substances that add shine.

4. What is the quantity of products for hair care enough?
Most women overdo with the use of hair products. It is enough to put a small amount of shampoo, like a small coin. The amount of a hair mask should match the size of walnuts, conditioner should match hazelnuts. Very long or thick hair requires applying a larger amount of products.

5. How to save the hairstyle when things go wrong?
Sometimes you may think that every single hair has decided to ruin your day. Because of the many commitments, you have not washed your hair, and an important meeting is waiting for you. Then reach for the amazing hair arms for many employed women - spray for styling or hot curlers that will "fix" loose curls. The alternatives are: dry shampoo for washing hair or baby powder which will absorb the grease from the hair root, and your hair looks like you've just washed it. And when nothing else can help, please use the good old trick - pick up the hair in a ponytail.

6. How to prevent hair loss?
If you have this problem, don't panic. First, watch the hair two to three weeks, and then contact a dermatologist. The cause of the problem can be intense sun, iron deficiency or the thyroid gland disorder. To determine the specific cause of your problem, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will direct you to the necessary analysis. And is there any other option that can help? Try dermatological shampoo, capsules and lotions that can be bought in any pharmacy.

7. Does the hair requires different care as we get older?
It is absolutely true, because - eventually - the head skin gets older and the hair becomes thin, brittle and lose shine. To make a small parallel: as facial skin requires different care in thirties and fifties (later in life should be cherished with Q10 creams that contain essential fatty acids and carnitine), the same is with hair. Therefore, in fifties you will need to use hair products that will encourage its bounce and shine.

8. Is all hair the same?
Women with black hair have about 100,000 strands of hair on head. This hair color is widespread throughout the world, because it dominates the continent such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. Now consider the fact that these continents have a very large number of immigrants that have settled around the world ...
Blonds have an average of 150,000 hairs, that is - more than any other, but their hair is much thinner and finer. Most of the blond comes from the Scandinavian countries. An interesting fact is that in the world there are only ten percent of the natural blond.
Redheads have 90,000 strands of hair, much less than people of other hair colors, but the red hair is much firmer and stronger. Only one percent of the world's population has natural red hair.
Brunettes are with 110,000 hairs in the middle. Conventional wisdom is that these are very intelligent woman, with strong character. Looking for proof? The majority of Nobel Prize winners were brunette.

9. What to look for before hair coloring?
You don't need to wash your hair before hair coloring, because a fine layer of fat protects the scalp from chemical stress. Intensive care before this process would be counterproductive. If you dye your hair yourself, keep in mind that the hair length to the shoulders need two packages of color.

10. When your visit to the hairdresser is really worth it?
Whenever you change hair color, radical hairstyle change or a mini-wave. Only experts will accurately assess your natural hair color and desired color mix - that way there won't be unpleasant surprises. The same goes for the mini-wave.

11. Why in thirties the hair turns gray?
During inhalation, in every cell of the body is created hydrogen peroxide, even in the hair follicle, which usually enzymes neutralize. Over time, this process works harder, du to a rising concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. To put it simple, there is some kind of synthesis of natural bleaching agents. In some people it happens earlier, some later. Don't let that worry you too much.

12. What is the difference between bleaching and coloring in blond?
From dark hair to bright shades - this change can be achieved only with bleaching. Natural, dark pigments must be removed from the hair, and for that it is used a relatively strong means of oxidation, such as peroxide and per-sulfate. When coloring in blond, much less natural pigment is removed. Thus, for example, extends the range of colors. As a oxidation product, is only used peroxide, and the hair is much less damaged, but the effect is weaker.

13. Why are colors without ammonia better?
They have more pleasant smell. The smell is in any case, much weaker than that emit dye with ammonia, which is used to "fill" hair so that it could precipitate the color pigments. This role, instead of ammonia, take special oils, which are also alkaline, but don't have intense (read: nasty) smell.

14. What hair styling products work best?
Of course, this depends on the hair and hair density. The cream is good when you want a ponytail. And the gel is good for styling of a short hair, and those of medium length, and for the wet curls also. Longer hair will look greasy if you apply gel and wax, so use them in small quantities. To correct or style your hair, apply a small amount of cream and gently rub into your hair. Hair spray works at any length and styling, but too much spray can blind hair.

15. Can I use Figaro every day?
Depends on temperature. The new models (Brown and Philips) have the ability to regulate temperature for every hair type. So if you want to set the curls every day, do not do it at full power, up to 200 degrees. In any case, use special products for the design and protection against heat.

16. What you need to know about the perm and curls?
Mini-Wave has been underestimated technique for hair volume, depending on the technique and the size of curlers is placed only at the root of the hair or the entire length. He's not a good solution for long hair, but it will look great on a short, straight or on the medium length hair. Blow drying is much easier when the hair is slightly wavy.

Rollers are for luxurious curls - Truth or Fiction?
Many believe that with the big rollers are achieved luxurious curls. Unfortunately, this is technically impossible, because - bigger curls means that the effect is weaker. To have perfect curls, tighten the hair when you curl it.
Can hair change its structure during curling?
To make straight hair became curly joints in the interior have to "regroup." Think of them as bars on the ladder who under the influence of chemicals are fixed in the new (wavy) form. Of course, not everyone can terminate connections to re-merge, and the hair loses its elasticity, and can break.

17. How can I correct the natural curls?
There are several possibilities, one of which is ironing your hair. Although, it is much more modern, permanent fix. This procedure is carried out in a similar way like a mini-wave, whenv with the chemical compounds is breaking the hair. After treatment, the hair is formed. Then, with the fixing fluid, are closed the open joints in the interior of the hair. Hair should not be washed three days after this.

18. How to make bun last longer?
The best posture you will achieve if hair is not freshly washed, because it is easier to shape. Straight strands first curl with Figaro and allow the hair to cool down to make it easier to shape. For firming use hairpins that are wide.

19. How to do a "banana" bun?
It is important that you have shoulder length hair. Comb it in the low tail, secure it, and then twist the tail-up - first the tops. Shape of bananas, which occurs, fix with the hairpin and (eventually) with hair spray.

20. What are the best tricks to achieve the volume?
Use products that stimulate the volume of the hair and blow dry with the extension for the diffusion (make sure you do a small, circular motion). You can just use a simple trick that will achieve a sumptuous volume: change the natural parting, this will correct the hair root.

Choose The Right Perfume

Avoid situations where you give a lot of money for perfume for which you will later realize that you don't like or doesn't match your skin. It doesn't mean that the perfume you liked on another person will have the same smell on your skin. Be sure to try the fragrance.

It is best to buy perfumes in the morning because you have much sharper sense of smell. When you go shopping for perfume, don't put on perfume at home. That way you'll be able to experience the real scent of perfume you try. Do not smell the fragrance with cardboard because it will not smell like it does on you. Try perfumes on the wrist. After the third perfume you can't smell the next because all the scents will mix. Testing to much perfume is pointless. Don't immediately buy the perfume. Try it the next day to make sure that you like it because scents can mix if you have already tried some. Perfumes should not be tried on immediately after a meal and during menstruation.

In addition to choosing perfumes by whether you like the smell, pay attention for which time of the day you buy it. Day perfumes have with light notes like fruity. For evening choose oriental, heavier scents that are mainly composed of musk. They can also be distinguished by color, day fragrances are generally in lighter colors, flower fragrances are often pink. Evening perfumes are dark blue or brown. Transparent perfumes often smell "fresh".

Yves Saint Laurent Everlong Mascara

Everlong mascara is mascara for eyelash extension. It separates lashes and contains the complex to stimulate eyelash growth. It is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 which protects the lashes from drying out. Ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes and eyes with contact lenses.

What I liked:
- adds volume and extends eyelashes
- easily removable

What I didn't like:
- dries quickly
- it should be applied several times for a good effect

Y Everlong Mascara - # 01 Black

This mascara will certainly extend your lashes and give you volume. It is very good for somebody who has sensitive eyes because you can wear it all day and your lashes won't be heavy. Also it is so easy to remove it.

YSL everlong mascara won't last long. Mine dried out for about 3 months so that was disappointing. Also it is very difficult to apply it, you will probably need to apply it more than once for that volume effect. All in all, the mascara is good, but I expected much, much more.


$21 at
$20,50 at Perfume WorldWide
$20,16 at Scented Monkey

RATING: 3,5 / 5

Mysterious Femme Fatale Make-up

If you want to leave the impression of a elusive and mysterious woman, you can archive this with choosing the right make-up. Here are some tips.

1. Foundation and blush

For the mysterious arch on your face foundation should look like delicate shimmering veil. So dedicate more time doing your base. Apply concealer to possible trouble spots, put a slightly thicker layer of foundation, smooth it all and after a few minutes, apply the powder with shimmering particles. More evenly you distribute it, your face will look nicer. Blush should be gentle (in reddish tones) - because you don't want to achieve the look of a cute doll but a femme fatal look.

2. Eyes

The eyes are very important for a mysterious look. To begin, select a dark eyeshadow, maybe a dark blue or dark gray with reflections and apply on the eyelid. After that, take your eyeliner and pencil and draw a line along the edge of the upper eyelids. With a white eye pencil pull the line in the lower part of the inner corner. Apply a large layer of mascara to the upper lashes.

3. Lips

You should apply softer lipstick or gloss because the eyes are in the focus. Lipstick in the color of your lips, maybe a little darker and without shine is a good choice.

Do It Yourself: Tinted Face Cream

Do you have small imperfections on the face and just want to even the complexion, but with no foundation? This is also possible! Read on to learn how.

When my face is clean, free of blemishes and redness or when I go somewhere where I don't need a full make up, I use a toned cream. Especially in the winter when my skin starts to flake a bit in the area around the nose and cheeks, tinted moisturizer is my best choice because it doesn't emphasize the dry parts, regardless of whether I put the cream before foundation or not. In the summer a tinted face cream is also a better choice than foundation because it doesn't melt.

Maybe some of you tried something like that, but if haven't, definitely try it. The advantage of a homemade toned cream is in the shades. Most tinted creams have a universal tone and some girls who have very light skin can't use it. If you do your own toned cream you will save money, which is also a big plus.

The process of making a toned cream is very simple, you need:

1. Face cream that suits you best
2. Foundation (preferably in two shades because the cream will lighten your foundation, and
if you mix two shades you'll get the perfect combination)
3. A jar into which you'll put toned cream
4. Toothpick

Fill half the jar with your favorite face cream, and half with a combination of two foundations. Be sure to put a small amount of a darker foundation, only to create the perfect shade. Mix it to get a uniform mixture. Mixture should not be colorful, there shouldn't be traces of white cream. For a start would be best to take a small dish, approximately 5 ml, to see if this mixture suits it. This quantity will be sufficient for approximately five applications, and perhaps more, depends on how much you put on your face.

Very easy to perform, not some great wisdom. When you do your toned cream also know what products you have mixed, so if you have oily skin combine products for this type of skin, which is best, it won't give you that shine. These creams won't give you great coverage, but will even your skin.

Have you tried this combination? If yes, please share your thoughts with us. Do you use a toned cream?

Layered Hair Styles

Straight hair cut is forgiven only if you belong to the Adams family Adams, in other cases only a lively highlights and hair with lots of volume will give you a pass.

The good new is that this style does not have to be blessed with abundant hair because the layers can accommodate to any hair type and face shape. But hair cutting isn't the same for all hair types, it must be adapted to the natural structure of hair.

A few tips that are good to know:

- If you have curly hair, it is enough to refresh it with several layers, but in larger intervals. That is the only way that curls will keep their shape and won't become frizzy.

- Thin, soft hair will also look good with a few layers, but it has to have some layers around the face and they can't be too short, but about the ears height. That way you will get the desired volume.

- If your hair is straight or slightly wavy and you would like shaped hair, ask your hairdresser to cut off layers at the very tops of the hair, and length ranging from a few centimeters.

- To a very thick hair cutting in several layers will do good to make it more thinner. Ask your hairdresser to make it more thinner on the tops (holding the scissors vertically).

Christian Dior Serum De Rouge

Dior Serum De Rouge is lipstick and serum with rich, creamy texture. It gives more fuller, softer and sensual lips. Contains hyaluronic acid, mango butter and Vitamin A. It is in the shape of a pen with a click mechanism. It has SPF 20 and comes in a 2g pen.

What I liked:
- hydration
- gives fullness and shine
- easy to apply

What I didn't like:
- price
- quantity
- not long-lasting

Christian Dior Serum De Rouge - No. 910 Mocha Serum 2g/0.07oz

The texture of this lipstick is really beautiful, you can feel that nurtures lips. Packaging really looks great and it is also practical. It has great shades for the day and has some intense shades for evening.

Big minus to this lipstick is the small amount of it, which can easily spend. Also Serum de Rouge doesn't last long. It can stay on for maybe one hour and than just disappears. Because of this his price is really high because you have to put it on more often and therefore you spend it really fast.

PRICE: $35 at

RATING: 3,5/5

Let Your Cleavage Shine

Unlike the rest of the body, the skin on cleavage is thinner and more delicate, and therefore requires more attention. The first step you should do for smooth skin with no irregularities and uniform appearance is regular exfoliation.

Banana and oats peeling
Mash a banana with a fork and add two tablespoons of oatmeal and one teaspoon of honey and milk to the mixture. Mix all ingredients in a homogeneous paste and leave it for ten minutes. Apply to clean cleavage and neck, gently massaging the skin. After 10 minutes rinse it with warm water. Sensitive cleavage area dry with soft towel. Besides peeling, you can treat your cleavage with a mask!

Yogurt and vitamin E mask.
Mix one tablespoon of yogurt, one egg and one tablespoon of vitamin E oil. Apply the mixture evenly over the breasts, you can massage it so ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. Let the mask on for 25 minutes and rinse with warm water.

After a peeling or mask, it's time for hydration. You need to pay special to the soft skin of the breast so it could maintain flexibility. The choice of products is really great: moisturizing lotion, cream or oil.

Body creams are used when the skin is very dried out, such as in winter due to exposure to dry air, cold or wind. Frequent changes in temperature due to the transition from cold to warm can further dry out your skin and make it itchy and red. This kind of skin lotion does not provide sufficient care, but it is used when the skin is extremely dry. Oils will nourish your skin perfectly, but will also leave a greasy residue. After applying oil wait half an hour before dressing to avoid an accident.

Now that your cleavage is prepared and cared for, all you have to do is "dress it up"! Use makeup artists trick who take care for many famous singers and movie stars. Run a soft blush brush though your cleavage area on which you applied light bronzer or highlighter. Small particles will reflect light and your neckline color will be even.

Lancome Teint Miracle

Lancome Teint Miracle is a foundation with the Aura-Inside technology with light and silky texture. It gives a fresh and radiant glow to your face. It is suitable for all skin types.

Its texture is enriched with rose extract and provides 18-hour hydration.
Foundation is non-comedogenic and without oil. It is dermatological tested. Lancome Teint Miracle has SPF 15 and comes in 30 ml package.

What I liked:
- great coverage
- easy to apply
- long-lasting
- gives a nice glow
- easy on the face

What I didn't like:
- non

LancĂ´me Teint Miracle

I really was reborn with this foundation. I don't have clear face and this powder covers all my flaws very good. Most of all I love how easy it is, i don't have a feeling that i have a mask on my face. It gives that natural shine and highlights facial features. It has a gentle, pleasant fragrance. All in all, a great foundation and you should definitely try it.

PRICE: $37 at Boscov's Department Store - Great values and famous brands!


How to Detox Your Hair

January is the month marked by frequent Detox diets and treatments, but have you ever thought that your hair needs deep cleansing and detox program.

Treatments for deep cleaning are a big hit in the world, because they remove dirt much better than conventional washing with shampoos and conditioners. The aim of these treatments is to remove even the smallest remnants of the styling products and other impurities that build up on the hair over time. Experts from world-renowned salon and cosmetic companies have discovered tricks that can help you.

Don't wash your hair every day

Herman Ho, Headmasters artistic director says it is best to avoid daily washing. "Try to wash your hair at least every other day to allow the natural sebum that the scalp produces to regenerate hair and scalp. Even if you have oily hair, daily washing is unnecessary. "


Hairdresser Leo Bancoft warns that when we wash our hair at home we often don't perform scalp massage, and because of that our hair never looks so good as when is washed in the hair salon. "Massage the scalp to stimulate circulation, as this will give you hair that healthier and more beautiful look."

Check out the ends

Damaged ends are a common problem, especially for women who don't want to cut their hair. Regular cutting of the tops is one of the things you have to do and after going to the hairdresser, take care of your hair regularly at home. Silicon or some other product for split ends will be enough, just apply it after each wash.

Cool it

Herman Ho warns that the excessive heat, such as those in hair dryers and irons during recovery program is unacceptable. "Do not straiten your hair on a daily basis, but rather opt for a grunge look, and let your hair to recover."

Feed it

Unlike celebrity detoxification diet when you do not eat almost anything, you need to nourish and feed your hair. Once a week, put hair mask, and make sure that your diet is healthier than usual, because everything you eat affects your appearance.

Be gentle

There is no woman who does not know the scene: you are in a hurry, you have natural dreadlocks in your hair and are trying to unravel them with the aggressive brush pulling. First of all, calm down, inspect the brush, because it is a big chance you need a new brush and for the end go through your hair with your fingers. Pulling out just does not make sense.


Detoxification shampoo / shampoo for deep cleaning - these shampoos aren't so usual on the market, so maybe better to ask your hairdresser or special shops. Try Umberto Giannini detoxifying shampoo with thyme.

Nourishing conditioner - your hair needs extra care to be recovered. Try Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment, which recovers the hair from root to tip. Price: $23,50 at

Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment ( Hydrates and Revives ) 500ml/16.9oz

Conditioner which doesn't washes - this product may be a good replacement for the classic conditioner especially if you have very dry hair. Global Keratin conditioner spray smooths hair and facilitates combing.

Hair mask - as we said before, hair should be fed occasionally. It is important to just keep the instructions and do not leave a mask for too long. Giely Green Repair Mask with just ten minutes works perfect.

Scalp - If your scalp constantly itches or burns maybe you don't pay enough attention. Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner removes unpleasant itch, while simultaneously feeding hair. Price: $25,50 at

Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner ( For Flaky/ Itchy Scalps ) 250ml/8.45oz

Serum - L'Oreal Elvive Full ReStor 5 Night Serum can be applied in the evening without having to rinse it in the morning because it doesn't grease your hair. Just makes it soft and shiny.

Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Clinique High Lengths Mascara is mascara for eyelash extension and volume. Unique "curved" brush covers all the lashes from root to tip.It is suitable for sensitive eyes and women with contact lens (ophthalmologist tested). It has package of 7 ml and is available in 2 shades - black and brown.

What I liked:
- long lasting
- gives a nice volume, curls
- lengthens and separates lashes
- doesn't clump
- doesn't irritate eyes

What I didn't like:
- needs a little time to get used to the brush

Clinique High Lengths Mascara

I have High Lengths Mascara in black color and fills all the features from the descriptions. Lengthens, separates, adds volume, is very long-lasting. The color is intensely black and lasts all day. Doesn't crush and doesn't create clumps - it is really comfortable to wear. Likewise, it is easily removed with the makeup remover and it doesn't leave any color after on lower lid.

In addition to being curved, it is very narrow and long. When I first applied this mascara i poke myself is the eye, but later I got just to the brush and all went smoothly. All in all, I like this mascara. High Lengths Mascara has met my expectations and I would definitely recommend it!

PRICE: $14,50 at Boscov's Department Store - Great values and famous brands!