Ashley Tisdale Long Blonde Highlights

Ashley Tisdale may be a natural brunette, but i think the blonde highlight style fits her beauty and bubbly personality perfectly.

Checkout these photos of her fabulous hairstyle.

Paris Hilton

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Long Emo Haircuts for Girls - 2009 Winter Emo Fashion

If you want an amazing emo hairstyle you got to love the colors and if you trying too find Just right hair style for You Came to the right Place.Or you want too keep your hair natural color not too dark not too light......You Came to the right PlaceNot many people could pull that off so if your wondering if you can......if you wonder if it is even"emo-ish"just look at the this gallery of long emo

Winter 2009 Trendy Scene Hairstyles for Scene Girls

The fringes and the bangs can be pinned up to one side with bow clips or Kirby clips. Even hair extensions look great for trendy long scene hairstyles. The porcupine spikes at the back really add to the look. Boys can even go in for the Mohawk look. Of course those who have really curly hair would need to straighten the hair as scene hairstyles is very straight.2009 Trendy Scene Hairstyles for

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Women 2009 2010

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Women 2009 2010 Short hairstyles are also easy to have and maintain and looks great. Having the right haircut for you the hair simply slides into place, and yet looks amazing. Short hairstyles lend a more professional air, but they can often also be the last word in chic, elegance and sophistication.Here are some trendy short bob

Hot pixie short hairstyles 2009 2010 hair fashion

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Hot pixie short hairstyles 2009 2010 hair fashionFirst photo of great modern short pixie cut is Elisha Cuthbert's New Pixie Haircut. Pixie hair style is one of the hottest short haircuts, because short hairstyles are trendy and hot in 2009 and will be in 2010 too.. You can go in for short choppy layers to get a messed up look.For those who would love to add some

Ashlee Simpson Long Red Hairstyle

Checkout this trendy and rather edgy long red hairstyle sported by Hollywood singer and actress Ashlee Simpson.

We have watched Ashlee go blonde, black and brunette in the past, and now red is the color of choice for this fashion conscious young lady.

I guess its fun to mix up your hair color every now and then, but i think her natural dark brunette hair is the most appealing.

Short Haircut trends 2010 men and women

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Short Haircut trends 2010 men and womenWomen short haircuts for 2010 will not be very different form 2009 short haircuts, for now you can wear the short haircuts you liked in 2009 and wait if something new will come up.Short Haircut trends 2010 men and womenJensen Ross Ackles is an American television and film actor. Jensen Ross Ackles is notable for his

Katie Holmes Hot Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Katie Holmes Hot Short HairstylesKatie Holmes is wearing the hottest short hairstyles these days, look at the pictures with her cute short haircuts:Katie Holmes Hot Short HairstylesKatie Holmes Hot Short Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie Long Flowing Hair

Angelina Jolie is often associated with being one of the top beautiful women in Hollywood, and beauty and style seem to go hand in hand for this talented actress.

Checkout the stunning long flowing brunette hairstyle of Angelina Jolie in the photos above.

Ana Ivanovic Long Brunette Hair

Most people wouldn't think of tennis as a place to find glamorous and fashionable styles and trends, but try telling that to the amazingly talented and beautiful tennis star Ana Ivanovic.

I think its safe to say, Ana Ivanovic has taken the award for best hair on the court, just take a look at her lovely long brunette hairstyle in these photos.

Short layered bob hair trends for 2010

Short Hairstyles Trends presents Short layered bob hair trends for 2010Here is the short haircut in the shape of a half moon, layered bob hair with asymmetrical streaks. Hair color effect through a mixture of reds, coppers and browns.Choosing the best style for you may take a little research but in the end, can make all the difference in the world as to how you feel about yourself and how others

Amber Heard Wavy Long Blonde Hair

Amber Heard looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous with this long flowing wavy blonde hairstyle, and even though her brown roots are a slight distraction, she is able to pull off the style while looking fabulous.

Alyssa Milano Short Pixie Hairstyle

Its really not that often we see celebrity women dawning short hairstyles, but if anyone can do it and get away with it, still looking fabulous, its gotta be no other than our favorite TV witch Alyssa Milano.

Checkout these great photos of Alyssa Milano and her stunningly beautiful short pixie haircut. Who needs long locks when you look this good with short hair.

Alessandra Ambrosio Long Casual Hairstyle

Checkout super model Alessandra Ambrosio looking fantastic while dawning a long straight sleek yet casual hairstyle.

Sometimes dark roots make a dyed hairstyles look tacky but not in this case, the sandy light brown color blends perfectly with her complexion, making for an outstanding hairstyle.

Adriana Lima Long Flowing Hairstyle

Adriana Lima has some of the best hair in all of Hollywood, hands down! Simply amazing full of body and bounce that puts her at the top of the brunette hairstyle list.

Enjoy these photos of Adriana Lima and her long flowing hair.

Winona Ryder Hairstyles

She was named after the Minnesota town where she was born. At a mere 25, Winona has played everything from tremulous teens on the brink of maturity to delicate 19th century romantics. In person , she is all huge eyes and translucent skin, with a body thin as latticework. At five-feet-four and 100 pounds, Ryder complains she has trouble gaining weight. Ryder's parent, who still live in Petaluma

Lisa Kudrow Hairstyles

Occupation: Actress, ModelCurrently appears in cult comedy smash hit 'Friends'.

Kate Blanchett Hairstyles

Birth Name: Catherine √Člise Blanchett Date of Birth: May 14, 1969 Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia Her first major stage role was opposite Geoffrey Rush in the 1993 David Mamet play Oleanna. She also appeared as Ophelia in an acclaimed 1994–95 Company B production of Hamlet, directed by Neil Armfield, starring Rush and Richard Roxburgh.Blanchett appeared in the mini-series Heartland opposite

Tia Carrera Hairstyles

Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo. Some claim that she uses the name Tia because her little sister, Alesaundra, couldn't say Althea, just Tia, but Tia is a well known nickname for Althea and had nothing to do with her sister. Carrere was simply an invention that sounded familiar enough to be recognizable... it had nothing to do with Barbara Carrara as some people say. The name was 'invented' by her

Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles

The daughter of Rising Damp and Porridge actor Richard Beckinsale, Kate was raised by her mother after her father's death from a heart attack in 1979. Beckinsale decided to follow in her father's acting footsteps and made her movie debut in Kenneth Branagh's film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing (1993) while still studying at Oxford. She left Oxford the following year and appeared in John