New Year's Eve Hairstyles

Clothes? Check. Footwear? Check. Hairstyle? Ooh! Ooh! What to do with the hair for New Year's party? Don't worry, here are our suggestions!

Whether you have short hair like Emma Watson or long curls like Laetitia Casta, in the following examples, you'll find something for yourself. But whatever you choose, our advice is - don't overly complicate and be burdened with millions of hairpins and hairstyles which require a ton of hairspray. Finally, you don't want headache all night because of tight hair. The most important thing is to relax and have fun. And remember - sometimes the simplest hairstyles leave the best impression.

If you think that with the chosen outfit best fits to put hair up, the first question you must ask yourself is whether you want tip-top tight hairstyle or something more leisurely version of the same hairstyle. Make sure that you explain the hairdresser exactly what you want or, better yet, show her/him a picture. If you decide to do your own hairstyle, on YouTube you'll find plenty of videos with detailed explanations of how to do a certain hairstyle.

So, what have you decide? Every hair in place as in Kate Bosworth or easily attached curls as on Taylor Swift?

If you are a fan of simplicity, then blow-dry your hair. That way you'll add volume to straight hair at the root and there is no sharp ends as clean cut hairstyles that were worn past season. "It is important to achieve the appearance of thick hair that moves and acts soft," said Jennifer Aniston hairstylist. The same hairstyle, we could see on the last D&G show.

Hollywood curls will be achieved by using large curlers. Each lock pre-treat with foam for the volume. With a touch of old Hollywood in your hair, a glamorous look is garanted.

Bob still holds. Hairstyle, which last year earned a trendy status, this year we didn't see too much. Until the appearance of Keira Knightley at the fashion week in Paris. If you have a bob haircut, for New Year's party treat her with light curls or take an adventure and a regular bob, with the help of hair stylists, convert in asymmetric.

Braids can be tricky, especially if you aren't so good in making one. Therefore, if you want braid with which you'll look like a princess, start practicing today! If you just want to hide a front lock and reveal the face, make thinner braid that will serve as hair ribbon.

High pony tail that looks a bit retro requires volume on the front. First curl your hair with curlers, then front part of the hair tighten with hairpins, use hair spray to control all that hair that you didn't get, and add bows - you're ready!

Just because you have short hair, doesn't mean that you must always have identical hairstyles. Carey Mulligan best shown that on her pixie haircut which she for each appearance on the red carpet stylizes differently. The key to success is to use the right products, on which you will be best to consult your personal stylist. Add your short hair some volume or sharpen it like crazy Agyness Deyn, the choice is yours.

If you have long hair and want to achieve a wow effect voluminous hair, start from the hair wash. Use products on which is indicated raising the hair volume. They will give your hair enough moisture, without making it even more harder. Do not try to save on shampoo, conditioner and foam, your hair deserves the best. After drying put wide curlers. At the end add a bit of hair spray and hair is done.

Do you have a perfect hairstyle, but still think that something is missing? Each of these hairstyles you can add a little New Year's shine if you have real hair accessories. Ribbons and headbands with flowers, pearls or sequins, pins with a bow, you choose.

What To Wear For New Year's Eve 2011?

New Year's Eve is sooo close, and you need a fashion inspiration? Wondering what will everyone wear on New Year's Eve? Here are three hot combination for New Year's Eve.

Black & Gold

It seems that black is the new black. Add a bit of gold to the mix and that's a serious modern combination.

Some of the hottest dress styles for New Year's Eve are the ones that go only to one shoulder, strapless cocktail dresses or long evening dresses.

Be glamorous in black and gold dress combination. Get inspired.

Alice + Olivia Maggie Strapless Sequin Dress in ChocolateAlice + Olivia Charlize Embellished Ombre Dress in Black Multi
Alice + Olivia

Miss Ferriday Teardrop Mini Dress in BlackYoung, Fabulous & Broke  Delaney Dress
Miss Ferriday, Young, Fabulous & Broke

strapless zipper trim peplum dresssequin inset spaghetti strap dress

Glamorous party girl

So, you love to party! There is no shame in that, in fact that welcome for New Year's Eve. Don't be shy. Choose bright, bold colors such as green, yellow or hot tones of stones.

Naven Bombshell Mini Dress in many colorsMadison Marcus Baroque Sleeveless Dress in  Midnight
Naven, Madison Marcus

draped pin tuck dresslace neckline satin tank dress

Sexy strapless dress

Nothing is as sexy as strapless neckline. If you want to enter the New Year as a movie star then sexy and chic strapless dress is for you. Silk and satin are the right materials for this type of dresses.

Pleasure Doing Metallic Strapless Banded Dress-PREORDERMiss Ferriday Sweet Nothing Mini Dress in Black
Pleasure Doing Business, Miss Ferriday

strapless ruched sequin stripe dressstrapless pleated rosette ruffle dress
embellished strapless zip front dressmulti embellished strapless dress

When you wear a strapless dress please note that you have to hide the transitions from skin tones on the face and neckline. If you can't mask them apply a self-tanning cream or cosmetics, and as a finishing touch to the cleavage apply a shimmering powder.

What will you wear on New Year's Eve night is up to you. Choose something that you'll feel and look best in all night. I hope that I've at least a little helped you on the choice of dress, color, or hairstyle. Happy New Year!