Beauty Tips for Blondes

Pastel shades will give a romantic and gentle appearance for blondes. Make sure that your eyes, lips and nails are in the foreground.


A thin line of dark liquid eyeliner will emphasize the bright and dark eyes. If you are blue, green or gray, select the harmony of cold colors, from white to soft pink color, or mallow, crossings with pearly gray and light blue. On the entire upper eyelid, from lash to the brow edge, apply the lightest eyeshadow and in the crease darker shade. Mix them a little with your finger and blend. Finish with black mascara, to make your lashes look longer and thicker.


You have a light complexion? Bright pink, light purple or blue-purple lipstick will fit perfectly.

Give an advantage to lipstick with velvet texture, and then apply a colorless lip gloss - it will you fuller lips, and lipstick will last longer. Lip pencil and lipstick should always be in the same color. With a strong contrast your lips will look smaller.


Try nail polish that is different from the color of your lipstick. Yes, the new make-up of gentle colors allows it. Gray, silver or dark gray ... do not hesitate to try.

Get Rid of Make Up Myths

Smokey eyes look is not appropriate for the day. Red lipstick does not suit everyone ...


Eyelash curler

One of the basic beauty "tools" is the eyelash curler. However, many women are not using it because they fear that it could damage the eyelashes, or that they may fall off because of it!

If used properly, curling your lashes will give a new dimension to your eyes and make it bigger. Gently press your lashes with a curler, hold that position twenty seconds and gently release the lashes. Only then apply mascara. Also, it is important not to overdo with the use of eyelash curlers and let a little rest. Use curler when you go out or on a date.

Smokey eye

Although the smokey eye look heavy and reserved for the night and going out (due to dark tones that emphasize the depth of the eye and smeared black pen) you can customize it and carry it during the day. Keep the technique, just adjust the color. Choose neutral colors such as beige and light brown cappuccino or lilac. Similarly, instead of two coats of mascara, apply just one.

Red lipstick

It is a common misconception that only some women can wear red lipstick because it does not fit to everyone. It is simply not true. There are so many shades of red, so do not hesitate to select one that matches your skin color.

If your complexion is colder use red, which contains colored tinge of wine, while for those with a yellowish complexion a better choice is warmer tones with a brown or orange base. Cold red hue of lipstick is the best choice for those with a pasty complexion.

Givenchy Acid Summer Collection

"Like a ray of light pulsating relate everything in its path, neon colors complement and reinforce one another, encouraging the rebellious atmosphere of the world that knows no inhibitions.
By combining the gap between day and night, neon is the main driving force behind this year's summer - the season that invites you to enjoy and freedom."

With this poetic tone Givenchy artistic director Nicolas Degennes described his new creation. Courageous and explosive Acid Summer collection probably will not leave anyone indifferent, but it is certainly an additional confirmation of the basic trend of the summer: the creative use of color without limits. The collection consists of:

  • Le Yeux Prismissime Pallet Eyeshadow
  • Mister Radiant, Innovative gel for the face with colored microspheres, which refreshes and hydrates the skin and gives it a glow.
  • Phenomen'Eyes Waterproof Mascara in Acid Blue
  • Vernis Please! nail polish in the shade of Acid Orange
  • New Gelee d'Interdit glosses with moisturizing texture and nourishing formula in 13 shades, including the dramatic Neon Orange, Electric Purple Raspberry and Explosive. 

    Find The Right Nail Shape

    Although the shape of the nail is usually chosen according to what we like the most - there are some rules that dictate which nail shape suits best on the individual fingers and hands.

    People often judge us by the first impression. A part of it are beautiful and well-kept nails, because it is very important to take care of them. However, it is important to choose the shape of nails, because, in fact, some forms of the nails are better suited for certain fingers and hands. Although the choice of nail shape is a matter of personal preference and style, there are some things that every woman should know and consider before deciding to rectangular or oval nails.

    Well-chosen shape of the nail will help your fingers, and palms look nicer and more refined, and this in turn can increase confidence. There are four main types of nail shapes: round, square, oval and stiletto (needle).

    Generally speaking, the shape of the nail should look like a thin skin at the base of the nail. Another guideline is to pay attention to the shape of your fingers. Check the form that best suits you:

    Oval - looks good on most fingers, especially on short and wide fingers. This form gives the illusion of length, which is great for shorter fingers. This sleek, modern shape always looks great on any woman.

    Round - perfect for short nails and those with very active hands, because there are less chance of rupture.

    Square - this is as good as a form of balance for long and narrow fingers.

    A square with rounded edges - this form looks good on short, wide or long fingers.

    Almond / Stiletto (sharpened) - elongate small fingers and small palms. Although it still seems a bit strange - this is a very popular look for your nails.

    Here you can find out how to shape your nails and positive and negative sides of each looks:

    1. Flat nail with an oval tip - leave the nail to grow straight in length and make it oval in the middle. This shape provides maximum support for the nails and are less likely to rupture. Also, if it breaks you can simply put it in an oval shape.

    2. Oval - begin to shape the nail into an oval shape from the beginning where the nail separates from the meat. This form somewhat weakens the nails and is ideal for strong or broad nails because it gives a bit more delicate feel.
    3. Rectangular-oval - use the same technique as in an oval shape - just at the end do a square.

    4. Round - an ideal format for shorter nails. A nail can grow up to 1.5 mm on the sides and then make it round. This is a powerful form that will be resistant to most of the challenges - cleaning, typing all day ...

    5. Square - leave the nail to grow straight in length, and then put it in square at the sides. This is also quite "strong" form of the nails. However, square nails can make your hands look shorter and fatter.

    6. A square with rounded edges - as in a rectangular shape, only on the end slightly put round corners. This is a softer variation of a rectangular shape. Flattering look on most of the nail ...

    7. Almond - This is a similar shape to oval nails but the end is much narrower. This form is usually not very strong and nails often break - and when that happens you will not be able to fix it but you'll need to shape into an oval shape. The same goes with sharp, stiletto shape - which is more tapered at the top. If you want this form, please go to the nail salon, because they are strong enough to withstand the daily challenges and at the same time remain intact.

    Which shape do you prefer?

    The Perfect Blush For Your Face Shape

    According to the make-up artist Jane Richardson, who works for Nars Cosmetics, the most important thing to remember is that make-up should follow the natural shadow lines on the face.

    Also that blush should be applied to the most attractive parts of the face, ie, those parts of the face that we want to emphasize.Color is never applied under the cheekbone on the cheeks, below the upper half of the face, not too close to the nose.

    Here are tips for applying blush for three basic types of face shapes.

    Round face - This face, what has, for example, actress Kirsten Dunst, is mostly small and can look like it is covered with blush.

    Use a fan brush for your blush (like this one in the picture above). It is excellent for precise applying blush on small faces. Apply blush in the shape of a boomerang, with one end under the outer edge of the eye, and central, below the fullest part of the inner edge of the eye.

    Continue with applying with the same brush to complement the shape of the boomerang.

    Use a round brush to complete the whole look, but don't apply blush on the cheeks below the cheekbone and the side, away from the end of the eyebrows.

    Apply just a hint of blush on the chin to visually elongate the face.

    Square face - this person is, for example, model Gisele Bundchen. They have excellent defined contours and may appear in some cases too dramatic and rough. Although they have fantastic cheek bones, when it comes to blushing, it is necessary to follow certain rules in order to highlight best facial attributes.

    Use a small brush for powder so you can directly apply the blush on the tops of cheek. Starting from the position under the outer edge of the pupil, drag the brush to the outer corners of the eye.

    With a bigger brush even out the color, not crossing the line below your ear shells.

    Apply a bronzer or darker shade of blush on the outer corners of the jaw to soften the rectangular shape.

    Oval face - oval face, like Rihanna, are very grateful when it comes to hair and makeup, because you can easily experiment. But just because your face is quite adaptive, does not mean that you can follow by everything make up tip. For best results read the next few tips.

    Start with a medium size brush. Make circles on the top part of your cheek bone, the part which is furthest from your face when you smile.

    Use the same brush to distribute lighter coat of blush slightly up to the hairline.

    Use a larger brush to merge everything.

    Just lightly apply blush to the center of the chin to contribute to the definition and visually highlight your correct face shape.

    And finally, here are some pictures that may help when applying blush.

    1. For lifting

    2. For sharper edges

    3. For lengthening

    4. To ease the sharp edges

    5. To visually expand your face

    Swimsuits For Every Body Shape

    Summer is almost here and if you still don't have that perfect swimsuits were here to help you. Find out, which is the best swimsuit for your body shape.

    Type 1

    Small bust will be visually increased if you choose a top which is slightly wrinkled, shrunken, has two layers, flounces, strong patterns or strong colors. If you like clean lines it is best to choose a swimsuit that goes around your neck and has a lower neckline.

    Type 2

    If you have a large bust it is important to choose a swimsuit that has some extra support, preferably under wire tops. Choose simple patterns, dark colors or dark in combination with other colors.

    Type 3

    If you have a larger waist than you can choose a one-piece swimsuit in a dark color and distinct patterns on it because it will lose the contours of your waist. You can also opt for a one-piece swimsuit that is made of two distinct parts, as well as those that will emphasize the bust.

    Type 4

    If you have a shorter torso and want to elongate it choose vertical stripes or swimsuit with multiple shades of one color. Also a good choice would be combining two colors, which will create the impression of a longer torso.

    Type 5

    Long torso will shorten if you choose horizontal stripes. Also a swimsuit which has a belt in another color or a one piece swimsuit with a bra in a different color will emphasize the bust.

    Type 6

    If you have heavy hips and thighs choose a swimsuit that will provide a little more cover. You need a larger lower part, in the form of shorts or skirt, and preferably in the dark colors. A good choice is a swimsuit in a color combination where the lower part is dark and plain, and the top is different and has more colors.

    Sparkle & Glow Summer Collection From Stila Cosmetics

    Although we are getting used to the first warm spring days, the beauty industry, as usual, is a step or two ahead of calendar time.

    For the upcoming summer Stila Cosmetics has a collection that is based on several basic products for hot summer days: a good bronzer, waterproof liquid eyeliner, intense mascara and lip gloss.

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    The collection consists of:

    One Step Bronze, versatile product that works as a bronzer, e.g., illuminator, and moisturizer. The formula is oil-free. It rapidly absorbs and gives the face a healthy look. It comes in three shades, which, depending on the intensity and hypertonicity produce different effects.
    Forever Your Curl Perming Mascara has a resistant, waterproof formula for a dramatic lash volume and twisting.

    Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is a durable and waterproof. The formula is enriched with intense pigment of fine glitter and comes in eight fabulous colors: Sequins, Rock Candy, Curacao, Bora Bora, Electric, Flash, and the Royal Starry.

    Stila Lip Glaze lip gloss cream finish comes in six new fruit colors: Angel Food, Cotton Candy, Amaretto, Honeysuckle, Bubble Gum and Mulberry.

    Blake Lively Has Most Wanted Hairstyles

    Research conducted in America and several countries around the world revealed that the hairstyles worn by Blake Lively are the most wanted today. Blake Lively is the face of Chanel, which proves that professionals love her style and fashion, not just fans.

    Check out some of her best hairstyles and hurry to your hairdresser.

    Hot Shorts Beat Mini Skirt

    Summer's temperatures are slowly peeked on our streets. While we are adjusting to the smell of spring, we slowly change our dressing room.

    Thick and long clothing goes to a well-deserved vacation, because all those breezy and short clothing is ready to occupy the forefront of our closet shelves and drawers. If during your closet inventory you encounter an old pair of jeans, get the scissors and make hot shorts. If you need inspiration for combining and styling, look at our photo gallery and follow the example of some of the stars.

    Worst Make-up Sins

    Although we are daily flooded with the latest fashion and make-up trends, we all make some mistakes that we later regret.
    Even the stars, with an army of stylists and makeup artists sometimes appear like they haven't looked in the mirror.

    We learn from our mistakes. Therefore, we bring you the top 5 make-up sins.

    1. Too dark shade of lipstick

    Dark lipstick such as brown, chestnut or purple can act too aggressively, and make you look older. At all costs avoid dark lip pencil, especially if you plan to apply lipstick. Instead of lipstick rather opt for lip gloss in a similar shade that will not act so aggressively.

    2. Too thin eyebrows

    If you got carried away with a tweezer, you'll have to let your eyebrows grow back and then shape them. Until they grow, use a special pencil for eyebrows. If you have dark hair, opt for black or dark brown pencil, and if you have a lighter complexion and hair choose a light brown pen.

    3. Excessive make-up

    This is a beginner mistake, but it is still often repeated. Intensive makeup on your eyes and lips combined with a heavy layer of foundation, and blush won't make you shine, but will make you look older. As much as you love experimenting with makeup, if you want a fresh and modern look, focus just on the eyes or lips, and on the rest of the face cover imperfections.

    4. The wrong shade of foundation

    This error often happens to all women. Even if you found that ideal shade for your complexion, foundation purchased in the summer won't suit you in winter and vice versa. Therefore, every woman should have at least two foundations that can be worn depending on the season and skin tone. A nice solution is mixing the two shades to get the tone that will perfectly match the tone of your face.

    5. Too much bronzer

    Too much bronzer will make you look dirty or unnatural orange. In addition, a bronzer shade, like a powder, should be changed depending on the season.