Pink Polka Dots Manicure

To create this very simple manicure, you need a base lacquer, nail polish in the color of your choice, white French manicure nail polish and nail polish top coat.

After the base lacquer, apply two coats of nail polish in desired color. I have used China Glaze, Nasty nail polish.

Then with a toothpick draw the dots using white nail polish. Try to arrange them evenly.

In the end, when the dots are dry, apply top coat nail polish that will alleviate the transitions. I've decided on China glaze in Fairy Dust, which I love.

This is nail polish with a tiny, holographic glitter, which looks especially nice in the sun.

Instead of the entire nail, the dots can concentrate just on top or play with a combination of smaller and larger dots. There are countless possibilities to play around.