Paris Hilton Hairstyles

Birth name: Paris Whitney HiltonNickname: Star PrincessHeight: 5' 8" (1.73 m)Sister of Nicky Hilton, Barron Nicholas Hilton, and Conrad Hughes Hilton.Announced she would live on a farm for a new fish-out-of-water "reality" show called "The Simple Life" (2003).The show is reportedly a takeoff on the 1960s sitcom "Green Acres" (1965). [2003] Daughter of Rick Hilton and Kathy Richards

Pink Hairstyles

Birth Name: Alecia Beth MooreDate of Birth: September 8, 1979Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USAPink released her first record, the R&B based Can't Take Me Home, in 2000 via LaFace Records. In 2001 she participated in the worldhit single Lady Marmalade. Her pop rock-based second studio album, M!ssundaztood, was released in 2001 and is her biggest seller to date, including big hits like Get The

Long Black Scene Girl Hairstyles

Scene hairstyles are currently becoming one of the most popular trendy hairstyles among young women.

These long black scene hairstyles are quite unique and can be rather difficult to archive without a professional or someone who is skilled with scissors and blow drier.

Here we have some really nice long black scene hairstyles, modeled by some trendy scene girls. Perhaps these pictures will give you some ideas for a great scene hairstyles of your own.

Madonna Hairstyles

Madonna :Singer, songwriter, and actress whose eroticism, determination, and provocative concert performances have brought her huge commercial success and made her a pop icon.

Gloria Estafan Hairstyles

Real Name: Gloria Fajardo.Born: September 1 1957 in Havana, Cuba, but raised in Miami, Florida.Star sign: Virgo.Parents: Her father, a bodyguard in the employ of Cuban president Fulgencio Batista, was forced to flee the island following the 1959 coup.Lives: An island off the coast of Miami, Florida. Also owns the multi-million dollar Cardozo Hotel and beach restaurant Lario's in Miami.Love life:

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jenifer Aniston who plays Rachel, was born in Sherman Oaks on February 11th 1969. Jenifer Aniston is a Greek descent and spent about a year living over there when she was a child. Her father got a job in America so the whole family moved away with him At the age of eleven she joined a drama club after that she went on to New York's High School Of Performing Arts to begin he professional training.

Gwen Stefani Hairstyles

Birth Name: Gwen Renée StefaniDate of Birth: October 3, 1969Place of Birth: California, USAAmerican singer, songwriter, fashion designer and occasional actress. Stefani debuted in 1992 as the frontwoman of the third wave ska band No Doubt, whose 1995 album Tragic Kingdom propelled them to stardom, selling sixteen million copies worldwide

Short Spiky Mens Hairstyles

Short spiky hairstyles are all the rage with men nowadays, whether attending a formal event or out on the town, short spiky hairstyles are trendy and perfect for almost any occasion.

Checkout these sexy short spiky hairstyle pictures and perhaps try one out.
Celebrity Short spiky hairstyle

Bleached Short spiky hairstyle

Fergie Hairstyles

Birth Name: Stacy Ann FergusonBirth Date: March 27, 1975Place of Birth: California, United Statesbetter known by her stage name Fergie, is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, and actress. She is a former member of the kids' TV series Kids Incorporated, and the girl group Wild Orchid. Ferguson was also a co-host of the TV show Great Pretenders. She is currently a vocalist for the hip hop/

Julia Stiles Hairstyles

Julia was born March 28, 1981, in New York City, New York. Her wealth of talent is very promising for the up and coming actress. In 1999, Julia graduated from New York's Professional Children's School, which prepares students for careers in the arts. Julia's mother is a potter, and her father sells her mother's work. She has two siblings, and both quite a bit younger than her. Recently Julia has

Afro Hairstyles

Afro hairstyles were quite popular in the 1960s through the 1980s and were most commonly seen worn naturally by those of African decent, while others would perm they're hair to achieve the Afro hairstyle.

The Afro hairstyle has seen a comeback in popularity over recent years as well as the closely related Jewfro hairstyle.

Afro hairstyles are relativity easy to manage and style in most cases.

Jewfro Picture.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

Star sign: Leo.Parents: Puerto Rican: Father David is a computer specialist in NYC and mother Guadalupe a kindergarten teacher. Her sister Linda is an entertainment correspondent for WB Network Channel 11 News in New York

Celine Dion Hairstyles

Born: March 30 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada.Star sign: Aries.Family: Celine is the youngest of 14 children. Her parents ran a restaurant and club.Lives: $7.8 million home on the island Ile Gagnon near Montreal. It features marble floors and a glass-domed indoor swimming pool. She also has a place in Switzerland.Love life: Married to Reni Angilil since December 1994. They have been

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Sarah Nicole Harding (born 17 November 1981 in Ascot) is an English model, actress and singer for the pop group Girls Aloud.Harding attended Hazel Grove High School from 1993 to 1998, and later attended Stockport College. She then worked as part of the promotions team for 2 nightclubs in The Grand Central Leisure Park in Stockport. Harding was also a regular singer at karaoke nights in the

Britney Spears Hairstyles

Britney Jean Spears, born 2nd December 1981 is an American pop singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and author, born in Kentwood, LA. At age eight she auditioned for a role on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club show, and although the series’ producers deemed her too young for the job they were sufficiently impressed with the girl’s talent to assist her in gaining entry to New York’s

Anna Kournikova Hairstyles

Anna was born in Moscow, Russia, June 7, 1981. Anna is a world class star professional tennis player. Her lean athletic body is truly distracting. Anna's parents who travel with her, are Alla and Sergei, and they refer to her as "Murzik", that means "my little pet" in Russian. She received her first tennis racquet at 5 years old when her parents sold their TV to buy her a present for Christmas.

Anastacia Hairstyles

Anastacia is a rare talent. She is a songwriter, a producer and a dancer. But the fact that her angelic good looks, charm and 5’3" frame is capable of singing the way that she does has fascinated and delighted fans around the world during her short, relatively new career. So, it should come as no surprise that even her mother has referred to her as a "freak of nature." Enter Freak of Nature,

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles

Full Name: Angelina Jolie VoightDate Of Birth: 4 June 1975Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, CaliforniaSign: GeminiHeight: 5'7Hair: BrownEyes: BlueFather: Jon VoightMother: Marcheline BertrandBrother: James Haven VoightChildren: On 10th March 2002, Jolie adopted her first child, Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt from Cambodia. He was born on 5th August 2001.On 5th July 2005 Angelina adopted her second child,

Alanis Morissette Hairstyles

Alanis Nadine Morissette (born in Ottawa, 1 June 1974) is a Canadian and naturalized American singer-songwriter, record producer, and occasional actress. She ranks among the top selling recording artists in history, largely thanks to her multi-million selling third album, and she has won seven Grammy Awards.Morissette began her career in Canada, and as a child recorded two dance-pop albums,

Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles are a very rebellious looking design which was made quite popular in the late 1970's by people of the punk sub culture.

Mohawks are currently more prevalent then ever before, and seen worn by people of all ages and races. The Mohawk has also spawned a similar but more trendy hairstyle called the Faux Hawk.

Enjoy these great pictures of some really cool Mohawk hairstyles.


Alicia Silverstone is the youngest of 3 children. She has been on television and in the movies for several years. She first made her appearance on "The Wonder Years" and one of her biggest films was "Clueless" where she played the part of Cher. She dresses very chic and down to earth. Her choice of clothing and her hairstyles are very sexy.
Celebrities have to deal with the same hair style issue that bedevils every woman - how do you bring your hair and your face into a harmonious working relationship so that you look gorgeous?In this sense, celebrity hair styles are no different from any others. But on the other hand, by their very nature, celebrities receive a lot more help than other women get with their hair styles.And not all

Mullet Hairstyles

Mullet hairstyles are relativity short on the top and both sides of the head and long in the back.

The Mullet hairstyle was most popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was most common in southern parts of the United States.
Mullet hairstyles are associated with the catchphrase "business in the front, party in the back".

Checkout these stylish haircut pictures listed below.

Jessica Alba in Fun New Easy Long Hairdo with Formal Retro Style Portrait of Jessica Alba with fun down vintage curly hairstyling and red lipstick at the 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards in Pasadena.
Beautiful offers over 500 celebrity hairstyles pictures for girls and ladies. They are all modern hair styles photos.
Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle - Hairstyles Tips If your like most women, you are always searching for a new hairstyle either for a special occasion or just for a new look. Are there any guidelines that can help with choosing a hairstyle? Yes there are many, but we will tell you a few here for choosing hairstyles. First of all you must be honest with yourself! In general you will
Celebrities are beautiful and their hairstyles are in the spot light nearly every day of their lives. It is up to them to set the trends of clothing, jewelry and hairstyles in 2009. It seems that the celebs have spoken and the number one most chosen hairstyle for fine dress occasions in 2009 is going to be the pull back hairstyle.

Faux Hawk Hairstyles

Faux Hawk hairstyles are very similar to the traditional Mohawk style, the difference being in the length on the sides of the head, which is quite a bit longer with the Faux Hawk, where as the Mohawk style is generally shaven on both sides and often quite long on the top.

Faux Hawk hairstyles are most commonly worn by people which are more trendy and fashion conscious, where as Mohawk hairstyles are usually worn by those in the underground community scenes.

Jonas Brothers Faux Hawk Hairstyle.

David Beckham Blonde Faux Hawk Hair.