Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets

The legendary Queen Cleopatra, the great seducer of her time, knew how to nourish the face and body. Women have admired her for ages because she managed to win the hearts of "unavailable" men.

After more than two thousand years ago, her recipes surpass many cosmetic products, in both quality and efficiency. In that time, people have used as many as 21 aromatic oil to protect skin from the sun, treat stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite ...

Body Care

History tells us some of the beauty treatments that used mysterious Cleopatra and Egyptians general. Her most famous treatment is bath milk. In fact, milk is just one of the ingredients of this rich bath. The entire pool or bathtub, would be filled with warm water and milk. Cleopatra loved flowers and aromatic essential oils, so she often used this in her bathtub. Original recipe was lost, but we know that donkey milk was used, but ordinary milk can be used. It is best to use milk with a high percentage of fat, it helps dry and dehydrated skin. Acids in milk destroy the dead skin cells. Vitamin A and E give a more fresh look to the skin.


Egyptians believed that god blessed beautiful women. Eye shadow, which we use today are made from different ingredients. In the past, the ground ore were mixed with roasted almonds to produce a brown eye shadow. Green copper ore (malachite) were segmented to get a green tint. Fragrant spice saffron, gave yellow shades. Cleopatra's eye shadows were applied on the entire eyelid. Eyeliner or kohl (powdered antimony) was applied on hot sticks. Egyptians put kohl on the entire eye. It gave good-looking eyes, but also protected from strong sun and dry climate. Egyptians believed that eyes that don't have any makeup are exposed to evil and because of this man, women and children used make-up. This style of make-up recommends all companies that produce corrective makeup. So-called "Arab eyes" have always been hit in the fashion industry.

Cleopatra used a make-up base made of wax. This mass is made from animal fat and white lead. She applied this base on the face and neck, which gave her a majestic statue look. She put powder of red clay on cheeks, and for lips used a mixture of red clay, sticky residue of red wine and blackberries.

Perfumes and essential oils

Known for their beauty, queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti first discovered exotic art of making perfumes. The Egyptians bathed in a mixture of oils, perfumes and lime. Perfumes were made of flowers and trees miring, mixed with oil or grease. They used a variety of ingredients, from the flower of henna, cinnamon, lily, iris, rose, and bitter almonds. That is why their skin always had a pleasant smell.


An indispensable ingredient of Cleopatra baths, treatment for hair and face, was a honey. The ability of skin to stay hydrated is an important factor in maintaining the softness, flexibility and slenderness. As skin ages or is exposed to external influences of stress and chemical agents, it loses the ability to retain water, becomes dry and wrinkles appear. Honey attracts and retains water and therefore, is the natural basis for a variety of products, including moisturizing lotions, cleansers, creams, shampoos and balsams.


Fruit for mature skin

If your skin is dry and cracked, or if you have problems with wrinkles, put pineapple juice, papaya, cooked tomatoes, mango or avocado juice on your face. Allow 15 minutes to act, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Wrinkle Cream

* one teaspoon of almond oil
* two drops of incense oil

Apply on clean skin and rub in with gentle strokes.
Almond has a mild fragrance, and skin can easily absorb this. Incense essential oil is used in a variety of medical purposes, but mainly for skin care. This mix solved the hair problems such as scars, stretch marks and slowed the spread of pine. The smell of incense may not match due to some strength, but you can add some essential oil of rose, which has a pleasant scent and also the skin will restore energy and stimulate collagen production.

Nourishing Mask

This is a mask for all skin types. You can use it at least once a week.

* Two tablespoons of yogurt
* One tablespoon of ground oats
* Half a tablespoon of olive oil

Heat the yogurt until it boils, put the oats in and leave until it cools. Add olive oil, mix and spread on the face, including eye area and neck. Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water. After you remove the cover, you can start with an ice massage. For this you'll need green tea and lemon juice. Combine them, pour it into molds and freeze it. Take ice cubes and rub your face and neck with light movements. This mix will make your skin softer and close the pores, if they are enlarged.

Cleopatra's milk and honey bath

* 1 / 2 cup of powdered milk
* 1 / 2 cup of honey
* Two tablespoons of jojoba oil

Mixed ingredients add to the bath of hot water and enjoy the next 20 minutes.