Make Up Products That Are Worth Investing In

Make-up market is overloaded with various products, whose prices range from acceptable to extremely high. Make up artists have the opportunity to use all tips of products and trying out all the new things that come to market with a single imperative: the quality first and foremost. Here are some of the favorite and best quality products that are worth investing in.

Primer / Base


A good base is a very important item in the make-up, because it depends on how you powder adhered to the face. In this part of the preparations, Illamasqua Satin Primer (about $35) or Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Primer ($30) are probably the best.


Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Make Up SFP 15

In this area, absolute priority has Chanel. For daytime, there is a lighter variant of Vitalumiere Aqua (about $63), which is extremely lightweight and does not burden a person, while for evening make use Perfection Lumiere ($55). This powder is perfect if you have a bad complexion, and you need more coverage of irregularities. If your complexion is good, for the evening, you are free to apply the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. As always, everything depends on the quality of the skin.


If you are struggling with under-eye circles, a good concealer is one of the key things that you need. Always pay attention to nuance, so if you have dark purple circles and you choose a very light concealer, everything you do is lighten dark circles. Never hesitate to try the concealer on your face. Legendary concealer (brightener) is YSL Touche Eclat. I would not recommend this product to people with pronounced dark circles because it has a light texture. For those of you who have pronounced dark circles I recommend MAC Moisture Cover, which comes in a large range of shades and covers the most powerful circles. There is a Make Up Forever Lift concealer that also covers and cost about 120kn.


My favorites are Chanel Rouge Coco the nuances Shintz and Ballet Russo and Illamasqua, which have an impressive range of colors and strong pigment.


For blush, it is important that they are highly pigmented and should not be applied to countless brush strokes. In this sector, I would recommend Illamasqua blush.


I tried a number of brands in recent years, and Chanel Inmitable has proven to be the best waterproof mascara. This brush is excellent, lashes aren't sticky and gives them volume.

Lip pencil

My favorites are Diego Dalla Palma's lip pencils. They are very pigmented, and with a little help from lip balm, you can use them as lipstick. Two shades that I commonly use are number 80. and 82.


If you are buying pallets invest in MAC. The colors are perfectly incorporated and depending on whether you want to perform a strong smokey look or softer makeup, MAC offers it all. Also great are Illamasqua eyeshadow, which has pure pigment that isn't necessary to apply several coats. One novelty in the world of high quality shades is Make Up Designory and their MUD collection that is affordable.


If you are an avid fan of make-up, you know how important quality tool for applying makeup is. You can opt for the whole set or buy them individually. Brush for blush, which I recommend, is from the new Chanel collection (price on request) and can be purchased at Chanel. If you choose to set aside money for a set of brushes, you will not go wrong with the brand Jane Iredale. From powder brushes, cheeks, concealer, lipstick, this brand offers quality products that truly last.