Mens Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyles gained popularity in the 1950's when celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Little Richard and James Dean sported them on the big screen and on stage.

Many people still wear the Pompadour as their haircut of choice, and it is also extremely popular in the rockabilly and psychobilly music scenes.

A pompadour is often created by combing the sides of the hair back, while fanning the top of the hair forward and curling over itself. There are numerous ways to sculpt a pompadour. Some only curl the front few inches of their hair up, while others comb their hair back and use their hands to "push" it into its desired place. Occasionally hair is kept relatively short and cut into the desired look, and pompadours are created through standing the hair straight up, retaining a "spiked" quality. Variations on exact style vary from a straight front to a more rounded and organic look.